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We, Yamazaki Recycling, has conducted the current business since 1919 in our hometown Kounan ward, Niigata city.
The main focus of our business is currently targeting to an integrated waste-cleaning/material recycling business not only in Kounan-ward but also any other visinity across Niigata prefecture.
If you have any further question or information needed, please feel free to contact us.

Company profile


Full name: Yamazaki recycling company
Address:Yokogoshi-chuo7-2-20, Kounan ward, Niigata city, Niigata prefecture, Japan
Tel: +81-25-385-3400
Fax: +81-25-385-4361

Business field of operations


1, Ferrews/Non-ferrows material recycle, processing
Those materials described above can be found not only in industrial field but also in our daily life.
We started to deal with those marchandise at Konan ward in Niigata cith in 1919.
Iron, stainless, aluminum, copper, blass, and etc. We are glad to receive your inquiry at any time.
2, Waste paper recycling/processing
 There are many recyclable papers found aroud us in the daily basis.
Our factory has the large scale of press machine which is able to process many kind of material in it. 
It is also our advantage to dispatch a small truck near your resident/location in order to collect small scale of waste papers in/out of Niigata city.
3, Industrial wastes control 
 We are certified by the Niigata municipal office as the authorized vendor.
Collection, transportation and treatment of not only industrial but also domestic, commercial and construction wastes are included in this service.
For further information, please contact us at any time.
4, Other miscellaneous
If you have any issue to move/transfer a huge machine, we will provide a reasonable solution with you. Please call/email us so that we can discuss further. 
5, Consultation of wastes control
If you are in trouble by sorting out the several kind of wastes in your company/factory, We will consult and provide the feasible method with you by observing the wastes on site. 
6, Dispatching labor
Man power problem is solved by referring to us. Our skilled and experienced employee is dispatched to the required destination as quick as possible. 
7, Translation business (English/Japanese)
It is new site of business in our company. For those who needs the assist of communication with foreigner over language is fully welcome.


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・新潟県廃棄物再生事業者 (登)8第301号
・新潟県公安委員会許可 古物商
  (新潟南 第642号)
・再生資源回収事業者認定証 第N15K-01012号
・計量証明事業登録証 第172号